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Market Access Analytics

Insights-driven commercial decision making and strategy development

We bring data-driven market insights to make critical business decisions minimizing negative impacts to brand performance.

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Red Nucleus Market Access leverages our deep capabilities and expertise in commercialization from the beginning to the end of your products’ life cycle empowering your organization to make informed business decisions.

Derive nuanced insights from managed care data specific to your brand, such as:

  • Initial launch success
  • Payer data
  • Manufacturer hub data
  • Claims
  • From account managers to high-level strategy development
  • and more
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Sharp insights, informed decisions

Market access strategy is critical to ensure initial launch success and continuous prosperity, however, traditional approaches often lack considerations for nuances specific to your brand.

A critical component in today’s complex healthcare environment is the visibility into and understanding of the influences of the key stakeholders: payers, providers, and patients.

Turn big data into smart data

  • Understand payer behavior
  • Analyze pharmacy and medical benefit landscapes
  • Anticipate payer and PBM responses to new product launch or indication expansion
  • Understand impacts to your brands’ market position as payer management changes
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Business Decisions

  • Market Access Performance
  • KPI Development
  • Brand Insights
  • Proving Access Initiatives ROIs
  • Financial Forecasting & Modeling

Journey Analytics

  • Patient HUB Optimization
  • BI Process & Approval Insights
  • Account Rankings
  • Timeline of key events to therapy

Process Integration

  • Breakdown/Identify Process Silos
  • Derive Cross-Functional Insights
  • Pull though Analytics
  • Patient Services Optimization

Organization & Governance

  • Streamline Internal Processes
  • Drive Marketing Operations
  • Account Rankings & Management
  • Field Sales Analytics

Payer Management

  • Payer Segmentation
  • Payer Contracting
  • Access & Management Landscape

Risk Management

  • Uncover Risks & Redirect Resources

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