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Learning & Development

What we do

We provide world-class, Red Glove service in the design and development of learning solutions for the life sciences industry. As thought-leaders and innovators in the field of learning, the only thing we're not satisfied with is the status quo. Real stability is dynamic and requires staying on the leading edge of an advancing world.

A periwinkle molecule connects to a red connector on the surface of a cell. A periwinkle molecule connects to a red connector on the surface of a cell.

Global Learning & Development Is Our Core

Service that is rooted in strategy and assessing how to best serve our partner organizations well beyond just a single project or tactic – a true extension of your team, your strategic partner.

Our Learning and Development division enhances traditional training approaches by marrying engaging content and elegant design with research-based adult learning methodologies and digital solutions.

#BOLDtraining with World-Class Red Glove Service

As thought leaders and #bold innovators in the field of learning and development, the only thing we’re not satisfied with is the status quo. Empower your learning and development with #BOLDtraining.

• STRATEGIC in our approach

• CLIENT-CENTRIC in our service

• FLAWLESS in our execution

Neon sign on dark background that says #BOLDtraining. Neon sign on dark background that says #BOLDtraining.

Our Capabilities

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Driving measurable learning and performance outcomes.

From complete modules to small, targeted pieces and tools, we're ready to fully satisfy your e-learning needs.

We design and develop custom e-learning solutions and experiences that drive awareness and engagement, validate knowledge acquisition, and enhance learner performance.

Our expertise ranges from self-study and self-paced, to simulation and game-based learning, and we deliver educational content across a wide variety of output formats, from interactive PDFs to immersive AR/VR experiences.

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Essential Skills

Gain the competitive advantage.

Our Essential Skills programs combine the power of traditional platform skills training with a focus on how to leverage those skills in the rapidly evolving life sciences industry.

With over 25 programs on topics including sales, medical affairs professional skills, negotiations, communication, and more, there is something to support everyone.

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Production & Content Engagement

Make it memorable, make it count.

Content is better processed and retained by learners when they are fully engaged and emotionally connected in an experience. Our unique approach to delivering content, whether live or virtually, focuses on the human on the other end: the audience you need to move in order to drive performance.

By honing in on the entire event experience ecosystem—from theme development, creative videos, strategic presentation design, training, and the overall audience experience—our solutions feel different.

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Training workshops

Putting knowledge & skills into practice.

It's not just about delivering facts; it's about putting knowledge into context to satisfy learners’ needs and ensuring they have the skills they need.

We have written and designed successful workshops on virtually every topic, for almost every size group, with and without supporting technologies and media. That’s because we've got former pharmaceutical field force and trainers on staff. We get it and we know how to communicate your information to learners in a way they understand.

From our award-winning electronic games and field-tested live activities to innovative and immersive solutions for your unique needs, we'll identify the optimal workshop solution for you, whether live or virtual.

Collaged images of VR, and HCPs in different scenarios with patients. A diagram of a conference floor. Collaged images of VR, and HCPs in different scenarios with patients. A diagram of a conference floor.
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Virtual Preceptorships

Immerse your learners in their customers' world.

It's a given that being there delivers a higher level of understanding than reading about it.

Red Nucleus's virtual preceptorships allow your field force to tour facilities, observe patient examinations, and hear unvarnished opinions from healthcare providers.

It's a concentrated, distilled experience inside a visually stunning virtual world:

  • 3D tours of healthcare facilities
  • Interactions with realistic images of medical devices
  • Virtual tutorials from KOLs
  • Opportunities to answer questions or objections from virtual customers

So, while your learners can't always get the time they want with real customers, help them prepare for when that time comes with a Red Nucleus virtual preceptorship.

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Coaching Guides

Optimizing performance in the field.

Coaching guides support long-term implementation of training and further the development of learners.

They provide coaches with questions, top tips, and a guide to ‘what good looks like’ to aid coaching and feedback sessions, as well as a framework for the coaches to capture their future actions.

At Red Nucleus, we understand the value of providing engaging and impactful coaching support to managers and their teams, pulling in knowledge from those on our staff who have experience performing these roles.

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Video, Audio, and Animation

Tell the story your learners want to hear.

Video, audio, and animation are everywhere today due to their unmatched ability to convey information and engage an audience. Whether it's a doctor explaining their treatment approach or an animation showing the mechanism of action for a new drug, digital media is a remarkably satisfying way to deliver learning.

Use it as a stand-alone deliverable or as an integral component of a larger learning solution. We’re always looking for way to re-purpose and re-package high impact assets to ensure you get the most value for your investment.

At Red Nucleus, we have complete audio and video capabilities in house. We have the talent, we own the equipment, and we don't outsource it. What does that mean for you?

Speed, efficiency, experience, and value.

Unify LogoUnify Logo


Engage and inspire throughout the learning journey.

Engagement is the number one metric that impacts the effectiveness and value of training. An engaging learning experience is critical to ensuring your commercial team can effectively inform and captivate healthcare practitioners.

UNIFY was built as a sophisticated digital solution for training delivery and learner assessment. This management platform provides a mobile, interactive, and integrated learning experience.

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UNIFY GameLab logo showing a 3-D red moleculeUNIFY GameLab logo showing a 3-D red molecule


Put the power of gamification in your hands.

It wasn’t long after gamification was first introduced to the learning community that it became the hottest buzzword around. And with good reason. Games have proven critical to the success of every learning initiative, in both virtual and live training, for reinforcing key learning concepts.

UNIFY GameLab(formerly RCADE) is a game authoring platform designed to provide your training teams with a powerful and flexible learning reinforcement tool. UNIFY GameLab offers a new level of ownership for administrators while enabling learners to access and play games as an individual, compete against their peers, or compete as a team in a live or virtual setting.

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RNTI grad hat logoRNTI grad hat logo

Red Nucleus Training Institute (RNTI)

On-demand and custom solutions for foundational knowledge and essential skills.

From compliance training to scientific, marketplace and essential skills for commercial and medical teams, our blended programs are designed for maximum engagement and impact with the same caliber of design that you expect from any Red Nucleus learning experience.

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