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Medical Communications

What we do

We are scientists, storytellers, makers, and artists—and there’s no limit to what we can build together. We employ the best in medical writing, creativity, and interactivity to make your science memorable and meaningful.

Image showing the different types of work we can create in circles, including: conference presence, interactive slide decks, interactive animation, disease progression tools, and more.Image showing the different types of work we can create in circles, including: conference presence, interactive slide decks, interactive animation, disease progression tools, and more.

Bring new thinking to your medical content strategy

We’re transforming medical communications with Medical Affairs and Commercial teams by integrating deep therapeutic knowledge with cutting-edge technology. From strategic planning to the successful execution of meaningful digital experiences, we bring your science to life.

For over two decades, we’ve pioneered the integration of technology and visualization into medical communications, garnering over 500 global industry awards and counting. We’ve achieved this through our cultural commitment to excellence, creativity, and innovation.

Omnichannel solutions that extend the conversation

Using omnichannel strategies and user-centered design principles, we place the HCP at the center of decision-making and determine when and what information is best for which channels. 

Our team works closely with you in developing the strategy and insights for your scientific communications as we analyze and interpret your scientific data and messaging. When developing the foundational content platform for your project, we ensure scientific accuracy, legal compliance, and credibility.

All our work is created in-house, ensuring agile and efficient production. From end-to-end solutions to à la carte services, the scope of our role is readily integrated into your individual workflows.

Omnichannel illustration: an HCP icon at the center: overlapping circles "bloom" around it with icons for an email, webinar, tablets, tools, screens, recycling, and desktop. Omnichannel illustration: an HCP icon at the center: overlapping circles "bloom" around it with icons for an email, webinar, tablets, tools, screens, recycling, and desktop.

Our Services


Strategic Action Planning and Partnership

Strategic thinking is behind every aspect of our projects and the key to success for our clients.

We strategically manage activities in multiple therapeutic areas by leveraging our experience and relationships while maximizing opportunities with industry leaders, societies, and HCPs that have been cultivated over the course of 25 years. Our team specializes in strategic activities such as creating and facilitating internal workshops, competitive landscape analysis, stakeholder interviews, and data contextualization to generate insights that can be used across functions to drive a unified and impactful plan.


Advisory Boards and Symposia

Producing engaging and interactive experiences for participants.

Successful advisory boards help drive the overall strategy of a brand (pre-, peri-, and post-launch) and lead to specific action steps to build therapeutic and brand knowledge. The use of pre- and post-meeting surveys, as well as thought-provoking workshops, allows our clients and their clinical customers to get the most out of the advisory experience. Congress-affiliated symposia provide another avenue to educate audiences on a disease state, increase knowledge on the application of clinical data or education about branded messaging. Symposia formats depend on each unique situation to ensure optimal attendance and engagement, as well as retention of the content. Our team implements several different formats and approaches to ensure success.

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Publications Strategy and Execution

Providing expert insights through comprehensive knowledge of the publication landscape.

Our team has the experience and strategic thinking to appropriately build your strategic publications and tactical plan spanning multiple years. We are extremely proud of our contributions to scientific research through our development of abstracts, posters, presentations, and manuscripts in collaboration with industry partners and the scientific community.

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Medical Education and Peer-to-Peer Programs

Using your data to build scientific stories that align with your vision and goals.

When it comes to engaging audiences through symposia or peer-to-peer programs, our team brings unique experiences to in-person and virtual events. Our formats include panel presentations, fireside chats, coffee talks, problem-based learning (case-based), gamification, and an innovative "4 corners" reception that blends a reception-style setting with mini theaters. Our team delivers all the necessary strategic thinking, content, and event planning around speaker bureaus and simulative learning experiences.

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Operations and Event Management

Supporting your engagements and events down to the last detail.

Our team has decades of strategic operations and logistical experience across the medical spectrum. We use our expertise in project management to ensure projects are being executed on time and within your outlined specifications. We partner with our clients to support US and global engagements in various formats of live, virtual, and hybrid settings including national launch meetings and incentive award trips.

Icon showing three individuals having a conversation

HCP Engagement

Building relationships that lead to better insights.

Our team's deep understanding of the data and the market allows us to engage with and gather meaningful insights from top KOLs, nurses, and allied HCPs. Forming these meaningful relationships with the leading clinicians and scientific experts sets us apart, helping to ensure your strategic objectives are met and that your activities and messaging reflect the latest dynamics in clinical practice. Congresses and other venues also provide an opportunity to leverage KOL relationships, foster new relationships, conduct advisory sessions, and amplify the exhibit booth experience amongst other KOL engagement activities.

Icon illustrating a conference booth wall with display

Conference Presence

Stand out from the crowd and engage and delight your audience.

Tell your brand story in the most innovative and creative ways, no matter what the size of your physical footprint. Our unique approach to storytelling, design, development, and delivery ensures that any tools and tactics created for live conferences can be efficiently adapted for virtual channels, maximizing the value of your investment while moving your message forward.

Icon of a tablet and mobile phone

Websites and Mobile Apps

Use cutting-edge data visualization to tell engaging scientific stories.

We use the best in user experience design and data visualization to fulfill your unmet needs. Solutions range from targeted field tools, such as disease progression calculators, through interactive visual aids that lead to more valuable conversations, to large-scale data aggregation and real-time visualization applications. We develop for all enterprise platforms, always aspiring to modularity and extensibility.

We are a certified VEEVA Content Partner.

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2D and 3D Medical Animation

We bring your vision to life with our award-winning animations.

Effectively communicate your story, whether it’s the mechanism of disease or action of your drug or the instructions for use of your innovative surgical device. Whatever your story, whatever the style, leave a lasting impression with all audiences, from patients to doctors.

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Icon showing a personal in a virtual reality headset

Extended Reality

Multi-sensory experiences captivate and educate users like no other platform.

Whether a guided experience or one driven purely by self-discovery, we develop on all the latest devices. We recommend the best VR/AR experience based on the needs of your audience, and leverage them for use at both conferences and on personal mobile devices, ensuring maximum reach and the longest possible lifespan.

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Medical Games

Accelerate learning and communications through play.

Games are fun—but also uniquely powerful engagement and advanced learning tools. Our gameplay mechanics, game engine technology, and rewards structures, power device-agnostic solutions, from quick casual games to multilevel educational games. Our game approaches increase patient engagement, help train internal field teams, and drive HCP booth traffic at conferences.

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