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Scientific Services & Advisory

What we do

We provide trusted guidance and long-term partnership to life science clients worldwide by applying in-depth ingenuity coupled with domain knowledge to solve strategic and operational challenges. Our proprietary methodologies, toolkits, and products provide a competitive advantage to our clients’ unique regional and/or global projects, initiatives, and demands.

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We offer a broad range of flexible and strategic services, which enables our clients to define, build, and optimize their capabilities to align with strategic plans and support corporate goals. Our approach spurs collaboration across functions and encourages stakeholders to think beyond the status quo.

Our focus and flexibility provide the foundational business planning services essential for enterprise-wide alignment to the same vision, goals, timelines, and objectives. Our cross-functional approach ensures timeliness, accuracy, and efficiency. Compliance is our priority as we develop and implement a custom plan to help build optimal capabilities.

Our Products & Services

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Organizational Transformation

Our business transformation initiatives drive operational optimization for efficiency, competitiveness, and overall success. We partner with clients to develop resourcing models, conduct functional assessments, oversee FTE (Full Time Equivalent) analysis, and implement appropriate outsourcing models.

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Business Process Excellence

Gaining efficiencies through sound global business processes is critical. Our strategy and change experts look at all aspects of the process to ensure optimization. These include:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Timelines
  • Hand-offs
  • Metrics, KPIs, and reporting

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Organizational Change Management

Organizational change management is critical for ensuring the adoption of change. We work with our clients to build and execute an effective change management strategy that is data-driven, process-driven, and built on proven best practices:

  • We perform stakeholder identification and analysis to understand the direct and holistic impacts of change
  • We design and execute a dynamic communication strategy, leveraging multiple channels of communication and feedback loops to ensure successful outreach
  • We establish networks of change advocates to build a sustainable, lasting culture of change
  • We develop and deploy comprehensive training programs comprising our award-winning training solutions
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Data/Information Governance and Strategy

Technology process excellence, strategic digital transformation, and successful data/information governance are inextricably linked. We offer a streamlined and holistic approach to cross-functional data and information governance. Our data governance experience turns process data into actionable insights.

Business-driven data strategies that take advantage of solid IT partnerships offer operational excellence. Our team facilitates:

  • Data authority and oversight
  • Cross-functional data architecture
  • Business-driven data strategies and models
  • Business-driven data classifications and requirements
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System Assessment, Implementation, and Maintenance

We help your team through the entire system life cycle—from assessment to implementation and maintenance. Throughout this process, we partner with clients with the following critical services:

  • Requirements development
  • RFP support
  • Vendor assessment and management
  • Process design and optimization
  • Configuration support
  • Ongoing system maintenance
  • Document and information management

Our team facilitates strategic document management supporting mergers, acquisitions, divestments, and litigation. Our documented best practices include:

  • Recommended document storage structures
  • Archiving and dictionary management
  • Naming standards and placement rules

We can also construct an approach for migrating legacy document management systems with a gap analysis, migration plan, and document formatting services.

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Document/Data Organization and Migration

Our team's combined experience is the foundation for a robust data organization and migration approach that ensures streamlined information retrieval and compliance. It includes:

  • Field mapping
  • Folder structures
  • Migration testing
  • Document cleanup
  • Archiving

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