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Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Sales

Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Sales

Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Sales

~2.00 hrs

This module consists of 5 chapters that describe how pharmaceutical products are researched, developed, promoted, an overview of managed care, and key customers for pharmaceutical sales representatives.

Module Details

• Recall the steps a pharmaceutical drug must go through before it can be approved and ready for marketing/promotion
• Recognize prescribing information components
• Identify the goals of FDA regulations on sales and marketing of pharmaceutical drugs
• Recall the purpose of the PhRMA Code on Interactions with Health Care Professionals
• Recall the history and growth of managed care
• Identify the different types of managed care plans
• Recognize the varying objectives of stakeholders in healthcare
• Recognize how managed care organizations reduce utilization of healthcare services
• Identify typical physician office clinical and nonclinical personnel
• Recognize which personnel are licensed to prescribe
• Identify challenges that prescribers may encounter
• Recall different types of retail pharmacies
• Recognize effective strategies for developing relationships with retail pharmacists


• Fully responsive, scrollable e-learning that auto-scales for use on cell phones
• Module-level learning objectives, summary, and self-check questions
• Interspersed interactive learning exercises
• Annual updates
• SCORM compliant

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