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Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology

~2.00 hrs | Science

The world of medicine, like many other professions, has a language unto itself. For example, when doctors speak to each other, they use words like “polyarteritis” and “intramyocardial” instead of speaking what you might call plain English. However, these words are English, and in order to understand what you read in medical publications and have meaningful discussions with healthcare professionals, you need to understand this form of English, known as medical terminology.

Module Details

• Recall the meaning of common prefixes, root terms, and suffixes used in medical terminology
• Define common medical terms by analyzing their prefixes, root terms, and suffixes
• Identify key medical terms specific to the anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, diseases, diagnostic procedures, and treatments of each body system


  • Printable PDF format
  • Visually engaging medical illustrations
  • Phonetic transcription of all key medical terms
  • Lesson-level self-check questions

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