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Medical Statistics

Medical Statistics

Medical Statistics

~1.00 hrs | Science

This module is an excellent foundational resource for customer-facing teammates who communicate clinical data to clients. It provides your team with an annually updated source of training on: Clinical study design and data; Statistical significance; Treatment effect measures; Confidence intervals; Variations in data analysis; and Data visualization

Module Details

Lesson 1:
• Differentiate between different types of clinical studies
• Recognize the types of variables and data present in clinical studies
• Identify how clinical studies can mitigate bias
• Recall how clinical studies report central tendency and dispersion
Lesson 2:
• Define statistical significance, hypothesis testing, P value, and statistical power
• Recall how to interpret the statistical significance of data
• State the difference between statistical and clinical significance
Lesson 3:
• Distinguish between different measures of risk
• Recognize how CIs are used in data analysis
Lesson 4:
• Distinguish between superiority, equivalence, and non-inferiority testing
• Identify analyses by the patient population that they include
• Define interim analysis
Lesson 5:
• Recognize key characteristics of different types of charts and graphs used to display clinical data
• Identify appropriate types of data for different charts and graphs


• Fully responsive, scrollable learning auto-scales for use on cell phones
• Single topic lessons can be assigned individually
• Lesson-level learning objectives, summary, and self-check questions
• Module-level assessment
• SCORM compliant
• Annual updates

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