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Medical Affairs Professional Skills Workshop

Medical Affairs Professional Skills Workshop

Medical Affairs Professional Skills Workshop

~6.75 hrs | Essential Skills

Engaging and adaptable workshop that enables your MSL team to master communication tactics that increase their ability to bring value to external and internal stakeholders. Topics covered include active listening, gathering and leveraging clinical insights, and navigating difficult conversations. Each section has a framework for participants to apply in the field. The participants reflect on their skills and identify areas in which they want to develop their skills which is used at the conclusion where they develop an Action Plan.

Module Details

• Demonstrate active listening techniques in a conversation with a new SME to uncover information about them and gain agreement for a future meeting with them
• Apply active listening skills and techniques in a follow-up conversation to gain a better understanding of HCP's treatment behavioral
• Identify business objectives and select the type of data that needs to be collected
• Determine what story you want to be able to share based on the data gathered
• Create a plan to gather and leverage clinical insights to share with internal stakeholders
• Develop an action plan for engaging in a difficult conversation using the framework
• Apply appropriate tactic(s) to manage specific behaviors


• PPT slides with speaker notes
• Facilitator Guide: Step-by-step facilitation instructions are in the Notes tray below each slide; in addition, a hard-copy FG can be printed (the PPT has been styled in Notes View and can be printed as a PDF)
• Participant Workbook with Action Plan template

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