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Key Account Management

Key Account Management

Key Account Management

3.5 hr e-learning and 16 hr workshop | Essential Skills

The pharmaceutical model is changing from a one-size-fits-all, generalist approach to a highly specialized service model based on key account selling. The Key Account Management program teaches you how to build and implement an account plan. It follows The Key Account Planning Process that maximizes impact with an optimal return on investments, taking into consideration the multiple stakeholders involved throughout the process.

Module Details

• Apply a structured process to account planning to build effective account plans based on analysis & insights
• Identify and manage stakeholders in the decision-making unit (DMU) in your accounts
• Monitor your progress against your plans and revise your plan as needed to meet your objectives
• Explain how to analyze the dynamics of a market
• Recognize ways an account can maximize the opportunities of the patient journey to create value
• List the criteria that should be included in an action plan to effectively drive the account’s activities
• Describe the importance of regular cross-functional account reviews


• 8 self-paced e-learning lessons containing knowledge check questions
• PPT file with Instructor Manual for the 2 day facilitator-lead simulation to apply knowledge
• Participant Workbook
• Access to the on-line simulation and associated data

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