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Introduction to Oncology

Introduction to Oncology

~1.00 hr | Oncology

This module provides you with an annually updated source of training on normal cell division and ways that disordered cell division can lead to cancer, cancer classification, cancer epidemiology, common signs and symptoms of cancer, cancer screening, diagnosis, and staging, and cancer treatments.

Module Details

Lesson 1:
• Recall the functions of cell components
• Recall the major steps in gene expression
• Identify types of cell division
• Recognize the changes that accompany cell transformation
Lesson 2:
• Describe the process of cancer initiation
• Identify mutations that may promote the development of cancer
• Understand how cancer spreads to other areas of the body
Lesson 3:
• Identify different cancer classifications
• Recall global cancer incidence data
• Recognize common signs and symptoms of cancer
• Identify 2 major types of cancer screening
Lesson 4:
• Identify procedures and techniques used to establish a cancer diagnosis
• Recognize the types of information included in the TNM cancer staging system
• Recall the purposes of cancer staging
Lesson 5:
• Recognize key characteristics of different cancer treatment types
• Identify healthcare professionals who provide cancer care


  • Fully responsive, scrollable learning auto-scales for use on cell phones
  • Single-topic lessons can be assigned individually
  • Lesson-level learning objectives, summary, and self-check questions
  • Module-level assessment
  • SCORM compliant
  • Annual updates
  • MS Word version for easy translation

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