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Influencing With Impact™

Influencing With Impact™

Influencing With Impact™

Half-day or full-day workshop | Essential Skills

An ability to influence others and gain support for your ideas is an essential element to sustained success in every position. This applies whether you’re dealing with co-workers, managers, executives, or direct reports. Organizational structures are increasingly flatter and value chains from customers to suppliers are longer and more connected.

As a result, influencing others where you have no direct control or authority has become a vital skill…one that often goes undeveloped. This lack of skill often leads to a “whoever shouts the loudest” approach at one end of the spectrum, to a reluctance to engage at the other. With either approach, the results are less than optimal.

Module Details

Influencing With Impact™ gives individuals another choice, a proven approach that is based on timeless principles and documented results. Workshop attendees learn how to go beyond limited techniques and tactics taught in similar courses to a strategic approach. Improving one individual’s ability to influence others can produce significant results. Imagine what can be achieved when this ability is enhanced in multiple individuals in a variety of roles inside your organization.

  • Identify and apply core principles of influence
  • Develop a personal strategy for influencing others
  • Use “stacking” to increase your chances of success
  • Grow and leverage personal networks
  • Increase trust and credibility within your organization


  • A customized live or virtual interactive instructor-led workshop, facilitated by trainers with extensive experience
  • Prework and post-work, including online modules and Red Nucleus’s proprietary learning reinforcement and message sustainability tool, UNIFY Reinforce™

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