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Immune & Lymphatic Systems

Immune & Lymphatic Systems

Immune & Lymphatic Systems

~0.25 hrs | Anatomy & Physiology

Describes the amazing array of defensive tactics that our bodies use to protect us from hostile bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Topics include innate, adaptive, and humoral immunity; antigens, antibodies, B-cells, and cellular immunity; and the anatomy and physiology of lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes, and spleen.

Module Details

• Differentiate characteristics of the innate and adaptive immune responses
• Identify different types of adaptive immunity
• Recall characteristics of the lymphatic system


• Fully responsive, scrollable e-learning that auto-scales for use on cell phones
• Module-level learning objectives, summary, and self-check questions
• Interspersed interactive learning exercises
• Annual updates
• SCORM compliant

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