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Clinical Trials: Roles & Responsibilities

Clinical Trials: Roles & Responsibilities

Clinical Trials: Roles & Responsibilities

~0.50 hrs | GCP - Clinical Operations & Process

This module will review the functional and specific roles necessary to conduct a clinical study. Content will move you through a discussion of functional roles (sponsor, sites, IRBs, vendors, etc.) and expand on the specific vocations for each function.

Module Details

After completing this module, you will be able to:
• Examine how the guidances and regulations affect roles and responsibilities of those involved in clinical trials
• Identify the common challenges and opportunities in implementing regulations and guidances in clinical trials
• Recall good clinical practices (GCP) and the key clinical trial stakeholders


• Audio narration with on-demand full-text transcript
• Module-level interactive learning exercises and
self-check questions
• Fully cited and sourced from a blend of Red Nucleus
best practices and global health authority regulations
and guidance
• Updated annually
• SCORM compliant

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