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Customer-Focused Negotiations™

Customer-Focused Negotiations™

Customer-Focused Negotiations™

Half-day or full-day workshop | Essential Skills

Customer-Focused Negotiations™ prepares individuals for greater success negotiating. In this engaging workshop you'll gain hands-on experience with negotiation styles, tactics, and positional motivation, that will allow you to find creative and successful negotiation solutions.

Module Details

  • Identify different styles of negotiation and when to use each
  • Recognize individual motivation behind a stated position
  • Effectively respond to tactics during negotiations
  • Determine when face-saving issues are in play and how to successfully address them
  • Apply effective strategies with tough, positional negotiators


  • A customized live or virtual interactive instructor-led workshop, facilitated by trainers with extensive experience
  • Prework and post-work, including online modules and Red Nucleus’s proprietary learning reinforcement and message sustainability tool, UNIFY Reinforce™

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