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~1.00 hrs | Science

This module is an excellent foundational resource that covers: Recombinant DNA technology; Gene therapy; Immunotherapies; Hematopoietic stem cell transplants; CAR-T technology; Tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte therapy; Monoclonal antibody-based treatment; Antibody-drug conjugates; and Bispecific antibodies.

Module Details

Lesson 1:
• Recall the functions of DNA, genes, and proteins in biotechnology
• State how chimeric molecules are used once they are produced via recombinant DNA technology
• Identify major clinical uses of recombinant proteins
• Define biosimilars
Lesson 2:
• Recognize the goals of gene therapy
• Recall the steps involved in the delivery of a gene therapy that uses viral vectors
• List the most common diseases targeted in gene therapy trials
Lesson 3:
• Recall mechanisms by which monoclonal antibodies generate immune-stimulating effects
• Recognize the 2 main types of bispecific antibodies and their mechanisms of action
• Identify the major steps of CAR-T cell therapy administration
• List the steps of TIL therapy
• Recall the general process of hematopoietic stem cell transplants


• Fully responsive, scrollable learning auto-scales for use on cell phones
• Single topic lessons can be assigned individually
• Lesson-level learning objectives, summary, and self-check questions
• Module-level assessment
• SCORM compliant
• Annual updates

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