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August 15, 2023

What’s New With UNIFY in 2023?


Image of brain, file, video chat screen, text bubbles showing UNIFY's capabilities Image of brain, file, video chat screen, text bubbles showing UNIFY's capabilities

Ensuring That Feedback Matters

Like the designers of any successful program, developers of UNIFY, the Red Nucleus learning environment, must consider the needs of the clients, their likes and dislikes, and improvements that will keep the program stable, flexible, and performing at its best. Listening to clients throughout the administration of training is important. In addition, a post-implementation survey and client support surveys are conducted for each customer.

Client feedback indicates that the UNIFY support team is highly responsive to both customer administrator requests and user issues that have been escalated. Customers also are very pleased that the UNIFY team proactively asks them for feedback that UNIFY can use to develop a roadmap. It makes them feel like they are being heard and not just buying something off the shelf. Customer feedback helps Red Nucleus keep UNIFY fresh and relevant.

Refining and Developing New Additions

Live Save

One refinement that is particularly useful to the field of learners is the “live save” feature. If a user loses temporary access to the internet, an occasional problem most of us can identify with, the live save ensures a save on every click. If an assessment is in progress when access is lost, the assessment will pick up upon return where the learner left off. This ensures that an accurate score will be logged, saves time and the need to repeat work, and is an especially important consideration for competitive environments and professional training assessment requirements.

UNIFY Coaching

As part of continual development and improvement efforts, UNIFY now includes a video coaching feature. The video coaching module will allow:

  • The administrator to request a video recording of a learner “pitching” on a specific topic
  • The learner to record their video and choose whom they would like to evaluate their video from a pre-determined list of colleagues
  • The reviewer to watch the video, have the ability to take notes/comments, and complete an evaluation form for that learner
  • The learner to review the feedback and mark the workflow complete
  • The administrator to track progress through this process, see individual evaluation results, and also aggregate results for everyone who was requested to record a video

This feature will give UNIFY customers the ability to create coaching interactions between managers and team members or in peer-to-peer scenarios. These will serve as additional practice opportunities that don’t require out-of-field time, and they could potentially provide a virtual certification. Expertise in this area is at the heart of successful selling in the life sciences arena, where healthcare professionals have limited windows of time to offer and representatives must make the most of their opportunities to share valuable data. It is an exciting new offering for UNIFY to be able to help sales professionals polish and refine this type of skill set.

UNIFY Reinforce

Another new offering for the UNIFY platform is the UNIFY Reinforce program. This tool is used to pulse emails to users where a single question is posed, and the learner selects an answer and gets instant feedback in their browser. It’s a quick and straightforward way for customers to create learning retention opportunities, keep certain information top of mind, and do it in an unobtrusive way for the learner. Using UNIFY to facilitate learning reinforcement will help to counteract the “forgetting curve” that plagues the training process once training sessions have been completed.

2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for UNIFY clients and end users!

This article summarizes interviews with Cari Maslowski, Director, Product – UNIFY; and Hayden Ostrich, Implementation Manager for UNIFY. It was written by Trisha Gage, Senior Medical Editor.

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