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August 14, 2023

How we can help your Organizational Change Management (OCM) strategy

Advisory Team

Imagine a new system has been implemented to adopt new HA regulations. When implementing a new system, have you ever experienced...

  • Employees not wanting to transition from the system they are currently using and used to using
  • Employees not fully able to grasp how to use or manage a new system, leading to a frustrating and negative experience
  • Company not having training materials and SOPs that need revision in order to support a positive adoption and implementation

A great organizational change management strategy aligns people, process, information and change. Red Nucleus has over 30 years of experience in Life Science Business and offer a unique approach to Organizational Change Management.

Organizational Change Management (OCM) is essential for ensuring the right level of stakeholder engagement is in place so that the people impacted are ready to embrace the project outcomes. Watch our video for a quick look at our approach!

Red Nucleus' change management experts are ready to help you put the right OCM strategies in place. Contact us to learn more.



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