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November 04, 2022

Level up with the RCADE Power Bundle

L&D Team

Put the power of Gamification in your hands

It’s widely known in the learning and development (L&D) community that games are an engaging and effective way to teach and retain key learning concepts, but is implementing games in your curricula easy? Who has the time to create the questions and develop the games? 

That’s where Red Nucleus comes in. For over 6 years, our thought leaders in L&D have been delivering RCADE, a powerful and flexible learning reinforcement tool to our clients. Through this game authoring tool, Red Nucleus provides two essential components for executing games: 1) the platform to create and deploy games, and 2) the scientific expertise to create relevant content and questions.

Red Nucleus is uniquely qualified to deliver both. And we’ve just made getting started with the RCADE experience even easier by introducing the RCADE Power Bundle.

Image of a laptop with a colorful menu of all the RCADE game titles.Image of a laptop with a colorful menu of all the RCADE game titles.


With the RCADE platform, Red Nucleus offers a variety of interactive games, each uniquely suited to address different training goals including concept reinforcement, confidence assessment, and knowledge retention.

RCADE gives you the power to:

  • Implement gamification across multiple divisions, brands, and initiatives
  • Author, edit, and categorize game questions
  • Publish any games with ease, as many times as you’d like, using the shared question library
  • Keep tabs on the progress of your players and teams via reporting and real-time scoreboards and leaderboards

RCADE offers a new level of ownership for administrators while enabling learners to access and play games as individuals, compete against their peers, or compete as part of a team in a live or virtual setting.

Key features of RCADE:

  • Self-service question & game authoring
  • Shared question library
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) capability
  • Unlimited access to all RCADE games
  • Real-time leaderboards
  • Robust game & question level reporting
  • Web-based administrative portal
  • Hosting & training included

Newly added features of RCADE:

  • Enhanced user dashboards
  • Multi-language capabilities
  • Interactive help for administrators

More new features coming in future releases include:

  • Facilitator-controlled games, both single-player and team-based
  • 5 NEW games

RCADE Power Bundle

To help make deploying learning games within your organization even easier, our large pool of medical writers have collaborated to create a bundle that ensures you have the content needed to get started. Through this bundle, you will not only get access to the RCADE platform, but also a series of off-the-shelf and custom questions to get your learning games journey off and running. Combine these two GamePacks with our Ultracare support and your team will be powered up and ready to learn.

5 circles. Copy: RCADE Games Platform + Off-the-shelf GamePack + Custom GamePacks + Ultracare Support = RCADE Power Bundle5 circles. Copy: RCADE Games Platform + Off-the-shelf GamePack + Custom GamePacks + Ultracare Support = RCADE Power Bundle

So, what’s included in each of these? Let’s dive in…

RCADE Games PlatformOn-demand software platform with 9 games (and growing)
Administration and reporting capabilities
Scalable for any number of users
Off-the-shelf GamePackGamePacks built from the Red Nucleus catalog of high-quality content
Bundle includes two off-the-shelf GamePacks
Custom GamePacksCustom GamePacks built to your specification from your approved content
Bundle includes two custom GamePacks (50 total questions)
Ultracare SupportGamePack refresh once a year
Swap out topic area questions from RN Catalog to change-up game-play
Training on how to make and administer new games
Managed Services to set up, deploy, and support game programs

Full list of available games

Request a demo now or reach out to us to see how you can unleash the power of RCADE with your teams


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